Thanks to the support of our business partners, we carry out educational and informational activities, we finance the hours of work of a psychologist or compensatory classes for children with migration and refugee experience. Access to knowledge based on the experience of our experts, opportunities to include employees of the company, strengthening the image of a committed company, or support in the implementation of the assumptions of the CSR strategy are just some of the areas where we can become your partner.

Your company can get involved with us in supporting people in need in many ways, including: as part of a long-term strategic partnership or the involvement of employees (e.g. by organizing dedicated collections). Become our partner. Help us plan and implement our activities effectively. We invite companies that share our values and goals and want to strengthen the image of a socially responsible company through cooperation with the Foundation.

Various forms of cooperation are possible, let's talk.
Katarzyna Margalska-Sędziak

Financial donations (general or specific)

Workshops and specialized training

Employee volunteering

Employee collections and special campaigns (e.g. for children's day or on the occasion of holidays)

Patronage of a specific offer addressed to migrants

Joint projects in line with the Foundation's mission and strategy

They trusted us:

Why is it worth working with us?

We were captivated by the EMIC Foundation's enormous commitment and sensitivity to human needs. The foundation was created from the heart and willingness to help people who have lost a roof over their heads or had to leave their country due to danger. We are proud and grateful that together with the Foundation we can support those in need by creating friendly places to live and conditions for safe functioning.
Daria Niezgoda
Employer Branding Specialist, Atos Poland Global Services Sp. z o. o.

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